Love After Lockup Season 4: Everything You Need to Know


Love After Lockup is a reality television series that facilitates the lives of recently released convicts and their significant others. It initially started airing from January 12, 2018, on  We TV Network.

The show has so far completed two seasons of the show and is now on the verge of airing the third season. Love After Lockup will return to the screens on October 9, 2020, on Hulu. The show has introduced seven new pairs for the viewers to binge in. Scroll down to know more about the duos.

Meet the Love after Lockup Couples:

Jessica and Maurice:

Jessica, not aware of the fact that Maurice is in the prison, found his photo on a dating site. Maurice has been charged for burglary. And, after a few months of dating, the two decide to marry. They got hitched in a prison ceremony. Jessica and Maurice are dreaming to have a bigger wedding once he gets out. However, whether Jessica’s family will accept a felon as their son-in-law will be interesting to watch.

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Shawn Osborne and Destinie:

The duo too, met online. And, the fact that makes their story more interesting is that Shawn has six kids and wants to live-in with Destinie when he gets out. Seeing the reaction of their mother is the major aspect of the story.

John and Kristianna:

Like another Love after Lockdown couple in the team, Kristianna and John fell madly in love just after three months of meeting. John loves her so much that he arranges a wedding ceremony when she gets released. Now, if John moves too fast with this and what he faces will surely keep us tuned.

Heather and Dylan:

Heather talks about having to walk away from his beloved every week for five years. She says that’s been “so hard”. They get a chance to meet in new episodes. Seeing them adjust to it will be much interesting.

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Scott and Lindsey Downs:

Scott shifted to New York from Mississippi to spend time with Lindsey. She got locked up for possession of firearm and drugs. She gets financial support from Scott. He also plans to move her along with her daughter to the new home that he has renovated for them. Watching things deteriorate will be the center of the drama.

Tyrice and Chanda:

Chanda and Tyrice have also been introduced as one of the seven couples. They met on a prison pen pal website. Tyrice, a 50-year-old wants to move forward with 28-year-old Chanda but the union might not be an easy one.

Shavel Moore and Quaylon:

Quaylon has been prisoned for 12 years. He met Shavle while looking for a companion. The friendship soon grew into something more. And, after two years of relationship, Shavel wants to settle down with Quaylon and looks forward to his release so she can start a life with him-along with her daughter. Meanwhile, his relatives want him to come home to Texas. Now, what would be Quaylon’s fate would be a big question around.

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Love After Lockup spoilers tease things hitting the fan as the season progresses. Watching the episodes will certainly be a whole bunch of fun.

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