Kengan Omega Chapter 79: Release Date, Cast, Preview, Spoilers and More


A muscular and well-toned body, messy dark brown hair, and confident eyes. When he is fighting someone strong, his face usually breaks out into an ecstatic expression. Described as being handsome and attractive in the series. So here is everything you need to know about Kengan Omega Chapter 79

Kengan Omega Chapter 79: When will the chapter air?

 In the previous chapter, misaca dodge almost every attack from Hikaru, although misaca’s left profile was torn apart by Hikaru, still Hikaru continue challenging misaca for a big fight.  

 Hikaru also asked him to run away instead but misaca keeps dodging and trying to find his weakness, in between all this kaike notices that misaca is playing mind games with him and finish him in the last moment. Misaca blows a powerful punch which knock out Hikaru and took his T-shirt after putting him on the ground, misaca told Hikaru that he will send him in hell as soon Hikaru wakes up, misaca was fresh ready for another fight while Hikaru was bleeding in a single punch. 

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Kengan Omega 

Kengan Omega: What will happen in the next episode of Kengan Omega?

In the latest chapter Hikaru learned new powerful strikes, they both give a tough competition while Hikaru told him that martial arts was invented for him, when the fights begin misaca will have to find some way to attack back him.  

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Hikaru also mastered asaemon’s technique “the pryer slicer” which can crush heavy rocks in a single hit which makes Hikaru a powerful human weapon and he quickly throws an uppercut which makes misaca lose the fight. Well, we all would love to know what is gonna happen next. However, we have to until October 1 for that.

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