Julie and the Phantoms: What’s the “Unfinished Business” Explained!


It’s not even been a week since the first season of Julie and the Phantoms found its home at Netflix and fans are already rooting for a second season. Also after the show paved its way to Top ten shows within a week in the U.S, U.K, and Australia, we can definitely expect the next season to be on the cards.

Julie and the Phantoms: Short Recap

 Netflix‘s new release Julie and the Phantoms ended on a major cliffhanger. On one side where Luke and Julie can’t wait to confront their feelings for each other, on the other hand, Nick is now being possessed by an evil spirit named Celebs who planned on trapping Luke and his bands in an inescapable cycle of his slavery.

However, Luke, Alex, and Reggie made a wise choice and turned down his offer. In order to do so, they had to complete their unfinished business on earth so their souls could finally rest in peace in which they perfectly failed as their unfinished business wasn’t to play at the Orpheum in the first place.

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What is their “Unfinished Business”?

in the first season, it was told that every Lifer has a dream which they want to accomplish before they die. Luke, Alex, and Reggie died a night before they wanted to play at The Orpheum. Turns out it wasn’t the only thing they wanted from their life…then what is it? For all we know is that it has something to do with Julie maybe something to do with her mom as well.

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Although the showrunner hasn’t dropped anything about the next season, Flynn Julie’s BFF hinted on the same in the first season. Moreover, after watching Julie reviving her bandmates who were on the verge of becoming non-existent and pulling them from the edge. It is quite clear that Julie is made to finish their “Unfinished Business”.

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Love Triangle explained!

Fans could also witness the love triangle in the second season as Nick is no more Nick. In other words, Nick is being controlled by Celeb who was already freaked by knowing that the Phantoms could be visible to a lifer, now also knows that Julie is the reason why Luke turned down his offer. He would now do everything possible to eliminate Julie to get back at the Phantoms which could possibly begin from gaining Julie’s trust, trying to get under her skin. Well, we couldn’t wait to see what happens next…

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