Julie and Phantoms Season 2: Everything you need to know.


Julie and Phantoms Season 2: When will it air?

The Brazilian TV series Julie and Phantoms begot by Rede Bandeirantes along with Nickelodeon Brazil is now Netflix’s one of the most enchanting series. The season one of this Brazilian series was aired globally on September 10, 2020, and now the fans are earnestly waiting for another season (season 2) to hit the Netflix although the runners haven’t released the date yet we can expect it sometime in 2021.

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Julie and the Phantoms: Plot Details

The series follows a story of a teenage girl (Julie) who lost her mother at an early age and along with it she also loses her interest in music. One day she suddenly catches up with the three ghosts who died twenty-five years ago because of poisoning addressed themselves as the owner of the “The Sunset Curve”. The rest of the story revolves around the struggles of Julie and the three ghosts to get fame and to finish their unfinished business.

Who will star in the next season?

Right now there is no confirmation regarding the cast of the season but it seems like Madison will play (Julie) as she is the main character of the series also Charlie Gillespie as ( Luke ), Owen Joyner as (Alex), Jeremy Shada as (Reggie), Jodha Marie as (Finn), Savannah Lee May as (Carrie), Booboo Stewart as (Willie), Carlos Ponce as (Ray), Nick as (Sacha Carlson) and Cheyenne Jackson as (Caleb Covington).

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Do we have a trailer yet?

For now, we do not have the trailer of season 2 as the showrunners haven’t even hinted on the renewal status. We will refurbish you as soon as the release is out.

What will happen in the next season?

In season one final episode Nick went to Julie’s house in an attempt to impress her but Celebs suddenly possesses him. However, season two can focus on Celeb’s intentions to trap the three ghosts. We can also see the love triangle between Julie, Nick, and Luke. Additionally, we can also find the connection of Julie’s mother (Rose) if any, with Sunset Curve.

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