Johnny Depp’s defamation comes along with a glad tiding to J.K Rowling fans.


Johnny Depp’s defamation was one of the major reasons for amid delays in the third installment of J.K Rowling’s prime original  Fantastic Beast 3

Everything you need to know about the defamation case!

December 2018, The Washington Post published an article takedown by Heard with the headline: “I spoke up against sexual violence – and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.”

For the very first time, someone from Hollywood spoke against domestic violence, somehow no names were mention of her ex-husband.

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Washington post was printed and he wasn’t mentioned by the name so he pursed claims for insinuation and interference.

After this roller coaster ride of misfortune, production was set to pick themselves back on their feet, then this news came that Depp will be having trails between the dates 11-28 January 2021 where he’ll be occupied with the shooting of his confirmed role in “Fantastic Beast 3”

Is the defamation case delayed?

Yes, Circuit Court Chief Judge Bruce White said due to COVID-19 many of the criminal trials are pending and unsettled and due to preferences, those trials should take place first.

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Shooting schedules were clashing with trail dates of the “Johnny Depp” defamation case but not anymore now shoot of  Fantastic Beast 3 is expected to run smoothly.

source- Amazon prime video

News has came out that, previous date which was set to be held on January 2021 is now further pushed back to may 2021.

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This delay acts perfectly for Johnny Depp and the filmmakers, Moreover, Depp asked for delays but this old fashioned pandemic delay has nothing to do with that.

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Deep trouble for Aquaman 2 filmmakers?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s ongoing legal battle was a win win for amber but now tables have completely turned.

Where Depp was facing the clash of date for “Fantastic Beast 3” now Amber heard will be experiencing the same for Aquaman 2.

source- Warnes Bros.

By all accounts shooting for James wan’s Aquaman 2 is almost all set to roll from the deadline of February 2021, will surely discord.

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This can act as delay which leads to a bad news for the this super hero movie enthusiasts.

Furphy was also out that maybe there is a replacement in the film for Amber heard’s role which will be out soon.

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