Jason Momoa-starred Aquaman 2 will be more serious than its original counterpart.


Aquaman 2 will also contain some horror elements which will make your blood run cold.

The film is trading its bold puerility for a more significant story, director James Wan has confirmed. As a sequel to the 2018 blockbuster, Aquaman 2 features the return of the writer-director duo James Wan and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick.

The original Aquaman movie was both a commercial and critical success. The move was appraised by reviewers, movie’s enhanced marine spectacle, action passionate, and energetic storytelling.

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Aquaman 2: When will it air?

The film grossed over $1 billion worldwide and came out to be the most lucrative DCEU feature. This immense success of Aquaman induced Wan and Warner Bros. to come up with the sequel, which is due to a release on December 16, 2022.

Aquaman 2: Does coronavirus affect filming?

The preproduction of Aquaman was already started when the COVID pandemic broke out, but the date of premiere was not affected as cast due date to start with the film was 2021. Whilst there is a four years total gap between the premiere of Aquaman and the sequel, it hasn’t discouraged the arrival of constant updates about the new movie’s storyline.

Aquaman 2 is apparently going to be bigger and much better than its predecessor. It will contain some finest Wan-horror elements and it will also mark the reappearance of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta in a more crucial role. Now, another scoop about the forthcoming film’s plotline has turned up.

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As per the director James Wan and star Patrick Wilson’s conversation at the Aquaman 2 DC FanDome panel, the movie is going to be vaguely more introspective, stern, and humorless than the original Aquaman. Wan has also attempted to make Aquaman 2 more relevant to the modern era.

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Apart from a more authentic narrative, Aquaman 2 will also set forth deeper into the ocean. In the franchise, there are plenty of untravelled ‘worlds’ under the sea, and that is something the movie’s ingenious director is willing to alter with his love for world-building.

Throughout the FanDome panel, it was also claimed that the original Aquaman star Patrick Wilson will return to reprise the role of Orm Marius/ Ocean Master in the new film.

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In Aquaman’s finale scene, Orm was defeated by Momoa’s Arthur and the villain was taken to underwater custody. In Aquaman 2, Orm will be reappearing after his imprisonment, despite the fact that this time, his motives are ambiguous. Before Wan wrapped up his panel, he also affirms that he would demonstrate with new objects and creatures in Aquaman 2, that is something he had wanted to try since the start.

These following mentions all boil down to a significant stature for Aquaman 2. As there will be a lot more characters, avenues, and villains in the new movie, it will barely have any time left for inane gimmicks.

Before the big splash in 2018, Aquaman was sealed in fans’ memories as a foolish, fish-riding, superhero in a lame costume. Although Momoa rescued back the aquatic hero’s reputation with the strong, fearsome portrayal, the character’s and its story’s awkward temperament was revisited during a recent body-shaming controversy.

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