James says Aquaman 2 will have Underwater Horror


The release of Aquaman 2 might a suspension for their viewers. However, director James wan has several thoughts which he shared with his fans. Because of his affiliation with the horror genre, it was a surprisingly amazing gift for his fans.

Regardless, Wan delivered a crowd-pleasing superhero adventure. Also, that went on to become the highest-grossing DC film of all time, which made the director make a sequel. According to Wan, moviedom can expect him to infuse the sequel with his signature brand of horror.

Director James Wan has a filmography full of simulated in the horror genre including The Conjuring. Ahead of DC’s FanDome, a virtual 24-hour event, a fan on Twitter asked the director what he thinks about adding horror to the Aquaman sequel. To this James replied by revealing,

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“I would say yes. Just like the first movie had a touch of my horror sensibility in it, in regards to the Trench sequence, I would say there’ll be a little bit of that in this next one. I think it’s something that’s a big part of who I am, and it just naturally comes out in these kinds of films. And especially a movie like Aquaman, where the story takes place in these underwater worlds that can be very scary. So naturally, my love for the horror genre just means that I latch myself to these scenes and try to give them a little bit more of my scary sauce.”

The sequences in question refer to stuff like the Aquaman Vs the Trench scene in which the director plays up the darkness and the monster elements to invoke an eerie visual. And it looks like we’ll we seeing some more of that. Not long ago, an Aquaman spin-off revolving around the Trench was also announced.

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Aqua man: What is it about?

Aqua man is basically a fictional character of DC multiverses, although he’s known as the king of oceans and considers as a god, apparently, he’s not a god.

In aqua man part 1 climax we’ve seen that Arthur aka aqua man didn’t kill his brother instead he sent him in jail instead of killing, so this made a plot that he might come with a stronger army to take revenge from his brother. Or some another wicked enemy from the dark ocean can be seen in the sequel.

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Do we have a Trailer yet?

Unfortunately, we do not have a teaser for the sequel. We will update this article as soon as the teaser releases till then you can catch with the trailer of Aquaman 1

Not much is known about Aquaman 2 although a sequel was teased soon after the surprising success of Aquaman.

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Aquaman 2: Who will star in the sequel?

A lot of controversies and petitions are making rounds regarding the casting of Aquaman 2. For now, all we know is that we can expect these stars in the sequel.

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Jason Momoa

Willem Dafoe

Patrick Wilson

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Yahya Abul-Mateen II

Nicole Kidman in leading roles.

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