Tiny Creatures : Stream it or skip it?


Hello everyone, especially the ones who used to watch discovery or programs like national geography before going to school. Tiny creatures are not just a tiny movie it is a documentary type series directed by award-winning Planet Earth II cinematographer Jonathan Jones and blessed by the narration of American actor Mike Colter best known for his role as a luke cage.

Tiny Creatures: When will it air?

This cute documentary series Tiny Creatures will stream on Netflix on August 7, 2020. Tiny Creatures is all about the lives of little animals embark on big adventures across the U.S in a dramatic nature series that explores their hidden worlds and epic survival stories as mentioned by Netflix.

Jonathan Jones says:

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I’m a massive fan of fantasy adventure movies, so it’s like fusing my experience of shooting natural history programs with my experience of filming commercials and making a hybrid,’

There will be a total of 8 episodes featuring the life of tiny animals facing huge challenges and epic survival, the Rodents dominate the cast, the tiny creature is set in America and there is a filming of real animals for the stories and tiny creatures were shot on cityscapes, deserts, attics sets. most of the filming was done in the UK and many of the creatures are based here too.

Tiny Creatures: Do we have a trailer?

Yes, we do have a trailer. Go ahead give it a look

Now the big question is Stream it or skip it?

Well, you all should stream it for once, give it a try as we all have watched the story of big animals on discovery or national geographic channels so why not tiny creatures?

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series like this are not much available on any platform, Jonathan Jones is providing us this cute series of little animals roaming around us so we all should give it a try.

we all know this year was very disturbing or negative for most of us and we all watch series or movies of different genre mostly ‘violence’ this year is most brutal till now so we should give a try to watch a series which is based on tiny little animals with whom we even interact and we see some of them almost daily so a story-based series on real animals would be a blessing as we get to know more about them.

Image Source: Netflix

This series is best suited for kids of age 5+ and you can teach your kids via this beautiful series directed by Jonathan Jones

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Jonathan Jones says:

‘I want to reveal a world that people haven’t seen before, and by making animals such as mice and squirrels the stars of our stories, I think we’ve done that.’

So, mark the date August 7, 2020, and get ready to watch the life of tiny creatures from there perspective.

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