Is Venom Actually transform into KNULL All Along?


Marvel’s next ultimate villain is Knull, the God of the symbiotes, and he’s ruining Venom’s life. But a recent comic suggests that Venom might become him.

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Who is Venom?

Venom is a symbiote, the symbiote is an alien parasite which is spread in the vast universe of marvel.

So guys we all are known with venom “the ultimate evil hero”. An evil hero? Yes, as we’ve seen in MARVEL movie that venom is evil-minded but he doesn’t have destructive intentions and he has saved our world in his first movie “The Venom” so we can call him “The ultimate evil hero”.

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What is Venom’s next move?

Falcon rise to Captain America!

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Versions of Batman

Why they’re spread all over the universe?

Why someone would ever live in this vast space? I mean in the first movie we’ve seen that there are so many symbiotes like Venom so if they so many, so why don’t they have theirs on the planet? They have their own planet “Gor’s planet” which was destroyed by Galactus, after then they all spread in the vast space of darkness.

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Symbiote symbiote symbiote!

What is symbiote? What do they do? How do they survive? The alien symbiote is unwanted parasites with a normally peaceful nature and they can only survive by fusing with other living organisms. Venom is peace living parasites but in there opposite there are some parasites which are developed with venom’s symbiotic nature named “Carnage, scream riot, rage, agony,”. These parasites are developed by life foundation, far from venom these parasites are developed with destructive plans of making them super-soldier.

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Symbiote survives on there host’s adrenaline, for adrenal consumption they provide many superpowers for there hosts. And may use their parts without their permission which enhances their host’s ability.

Knull : The God of venoms

Knull is known as the gods of venom, and he survived in space when there were no living organisms in it that is why he is known as the god of venoms.

After then celestial appears they started creating the whole universe. Null doesn’t like it much and with his sword, he immediately cut one of those celestial’s throat in just one stoke, celestial send him into jail where he announced that venoms’ only impotence is fire and sound.

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His existence came as a terrible shock to Eddie Brock and his spider-powered symbiote… but is it possible that Venom is much closer to the dragon-riding deity than he realizes?

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