Is the sequel of Seriously Single arriving? Here is what you need to know

seriously single
Main leads of seriously single.

“Are you single?” the most common question asked from everyone whether it’s the answer is single or mingle. Many movies and series are being made on this topic which focuses on the twist and turns a person faces in a relationship or being single. Netflix has given us a flood of new series whose genres are romance, drama, suspense, and many more.

Here, we are talking about a series which sets in Johannesburg. A story about two besties who have different lifestyles and dreams. One is Dineo, a social media worker who wants a fairy tale marriage and fall in love. And another is Nimo who falls in love with an unlikely man.

Seriously Single: When will the sequel arriving?

After Netflix taking the hearts of people for its unique concepts and stories, now fans are asking about a sequel. That’s an interesting question though. We all want to see more and more episodes with new plots of this season.

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Till now unfortunately there is no such response from the director or any member from the cast about the sequel. But, they are heading towards a positive way because the current season is gaining lots of love from the viewers.

Seriously Single 2: What could be the plot?

Now, a maximum of fans would be thinking what would be the new plot? How many episodes are there? Will we get connected to it the same way as if it was with others? Then the answers would be yes ( Think positive….if made). If the sequel would be made then certainly it would try to outshine the previous one. But the question still there when it would be made.

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The first season released on Netflix this year only on 31 July. It shows how love is seen and believed by each person in different ways. It shows the problems faced by people also.

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Seriously Single: Who will star in the sequel?

According to sources if it is made, the cast would be the same as given below.

  • Fulu Mugovhani as Dineo.
  • Tumi Morake as Noni.
  • Bohang Moeko as Lunga.
  • Yonda Thomas as Max.
  • Tiffany Barbuzano as Pam.
  • Lihle Dhlomo as Gugu.
  • Craig Jackson as Nick.
  • Connie Chiume as Dineo’s Mom

Stay tuned for more updates and information. We would provide you the best news. Till further official announcement, have patience. We will be right back with new things waiting for you only.

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