Inventing Anna: All About Netflix’s Next Limited Series


Shondaland has commenced delivery of goods with the online streaming service tying up with Netflix for their and Shonda Rhime’s monster output deal. Inventing Anna, a limited drama miniseries, is one of the big projects in way of Metflix and Shondaland.


This article has all the details regarding the release date expectations, the crew of the project, and what the series is all about.

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It has been notified earlier that Inventing Anna is a result of the big output deal of Shonda Rhimes for Netflix. It will be the third show from the deal after Bridgeton, which is coming out on Christmas, and Dance Dreams, along with more projects on the way from the creator’s shelf which are already planned.

The Hollywood Reporter mentions that, although Bridgeton is gathering massive attention, Inventing Anna is the one that is managing to attract viewers with the giant in streaming market itself.

The series revolves around the true story of Anna Sorkin, aka Anna Delvey, who lured and conned the New York elite. It is written mainly on a NYMag article that took a deep runthrough into the wanted high flyer.

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The article itself is not available on the website of NYMag but it has been uploaded on a subsidiary, The Cut.

Shonda Rhimes is a part of the project as the executive producer alongside Holden Chang, Betsy Beers, and David Frankel. Jessica Pressler, who is known for her work in Hustlers has written the series.

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David Frankel whose latest work includes The Devil Wears Prada, and Tom Verica, who last worked in How To Get Away With Murder, have directed the series.

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