Infinity Soul stone: Eternals will reveal the origin of Soul stone rules


Infinity stones played an important role in infinity war as well as endgame. Here is everything you need to know about Infinity soul stone.

Endgame revealed most of infinity stones were kept on earth from many decades, Eternals describe the origins of the infinity stones and who possesses them? In phase three location of infinity stones was revealed as power stone was in Xandar after being hidden from morag, reality stone was hidden by collector, soul stone on vormir, space stone looted by loki from the S.H.I.E.L.D and mind stone on vision’s head, time stone was always protected by  the ancient one and than dr. Strange.  

infinity stones origin

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Infinity stones,  Marvel Comics reveals that the universe is sub mixture of infinity stones which were kept secure from selfish freaks, stones are claimed by an ancient race called Celestials they use the powers of stone to judge the entire universe after the Celestials were extinct the stones disorderly spread into many realms and planets.  

According to both comic as well as multiverse theory many stones are linked in the earth which seems that celestials were lastly been on earth before extinction and Eternals are ancient earth, the plot is expected that Eternals will reveal the theory of all infinity stones.  

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Eternals went on earth for more than thousands of years, eternals may solve the mystery with infinity stones and celestials.  

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Will Eternals introduce a new stone  

According to Marvel comics not only six but a seventh stone EGO stone as theories out by Marvel comics there’s another stone which is not introduced but powerful among all, EGO stone holds the personality of its holder and can bring more destruction than all six combined, it will be surprising if we’ll get know more about this stone in eternal.

 There’s another rumor spreading that may be the seventh stone is the return ticket of tony stark because his wife will go for any magic trick to bring him back and he’s the most egoist in avengers. 

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