How powerful Diana’s golden armor is?


Diana’s golden armor is an incredible armor in DC comics, after batman there’s the second armor DC has launched which simply shows how powerful Diana’s golden armor is going to be. is it powerful enough to save her from enemies?  

ARMORS theory? 

 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Wonder Woman., batman the only one with HighTech armor installed with deadly weapons. But in WONDER WOMAN 1984 so the title is not anymore in batman’s hand. 

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This armor isn’t DC originated but used by Diana’s mother “Hippolyta” to fight against superman but with alternate future and dimensional theory’s director Patty Jenkins decides to suit up Diana in her mother’s armor to fight against her enemies this time as her enemies are going to more destructive than her expectations.


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All About the Armor 

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Golden eagle armor made up of intergalactic metals covers Diana’s whole body leaving her face and fingers uncovered.  

Wonder woman’s armor is more resistance to defend her from enemies in 1984, her enemies is going  to be her biggest threats. Villains like cheetah uses their claws to fight. But wonder woman is not invulnerable like superman she obviously need a suit or armor to protect her open legs and hand from cheetah’s claws. when Diana puts on her armor, it stops her from various groups killing one another. the sequence shows very much common details with Wonder Woman we’ve seen on the big screen, she argues with end of the world, who just wants everyone to destroy one another that each human life is precious. 

Officials didn’t reveal that does this suit upgrade her powers or ability or not but will soon be seen, based on comics theory this armor provides extra abilities to wonder woman which she uses to fight for the devastation of army’s she hasn’t suit up in big screen before, it clearly seems that this suit will put some extra thrill to her fans.  

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