Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume aka Eagle Talon Golden Spell: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers


Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume aka Eagle Talon Golden Spell is an anime television series. It is scheduled to have 12 episodes and it started airing this fall from Oct 5, 2020.
It airs every Monday at 01:20 (JST).

Eagle Talon Golden Spell: Premise of the anime
In the anime Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell there’s a golden spell that the heroes need to protect. Eagle Talon is the vicious society dwelling in secret based in Kojimachi, Tokyo.

This evil secret society wishes to steal the golden spell and rule over the world. The Golden spell is a powerful magic that enables one to control a person’s will by just spouting a single word. It is strong enough to take command over anyone. Now with such a powerful spell existing it definitely cannot get into the wrong hand!.

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But the worst happens and it is stolen by someone. Now the Heroes are to set on a quest to find this and also protect it. This anime gives us drama, action, and ample of comic moments one can’t stop laughing too. It’s a lighthearted superhero anime with a comedy setup.

Preview of the beginning characters:

the main characters of the anime!

The Chief member of Eagle Talon, a 24-year-old deputy named Yoshida. He has been given a look of a small child and also behaves like one. His character is a rather childish one with easy-going nature and a soft heart.

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He is often the one who ends up being the reason for the team’s failure in the completion of the task. Another is Philip, an entrepreneur and singer. He is also an employee of Eagle Talon but quite lacks in confidence. Then we have Doctor Leonardo who is massively intelligent with a cute brown teddy look. He has successfully built numerous weapons for Eagle Talon.

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Our superhero on the other hand is Deluxe Fighter. He is a strong warrior and thus an enemy for Eagle Talon. His power is shooting powerful beams from the palm of his hand. There’s also a Creepy kid who is a tiny boy with massive physic powers.

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You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll – Anime – Eagle Talon

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