Higurashi Episode 5: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoilers, and More


Higurashi is recently getting more and more attention in the anime world. Here is everything you need to know about Higurashi Episode 5

New kid Keiichi Maebara is getting acquainted with his new home in a peaceful Hinamizawa village. He is trying to befriend with the girls from his school and is all set for the big festival of the year.

But there is something odd about this isolated town and his feelings of fear continue to grow. With a string intuition about him being right, what dark secrets could this small community be hiding?

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Higurashi Episode 5 Release Date:

Initially, it was said that the anime Higurashi will release in July. But the release was postponed due to the outbreak Covid-19.

Finally, after a break of three months, the anime made its debut on  1st October 2020. The  Higurashi: When They Cry episode 5 will release on 29 October 2020, Thursday, at 11:30 PM JST. You can officially watch the anime on Funimation. All episodes are available on the same.

Higurashi: When They Cry :

Spoiler Alert!!

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Was Keiichi Right About Rena?

Rena brings dinner for Keiichi as here parents are not home due to work. This time, Keiichi stops himself from pondering over his thoughts and thinks that he made a mistake. However, we will come to know that Keiichi was not wrong about Rena! Rena stabbed Keiichi in the chest with her knife. He tried to protect himself from a golf bat but lost in front of the powers of cursed Rena.

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Both of them had huge loss of blood and so they went. When Keiichi opened her eyes he first saw his parents and policeman Kuraudo. Thereafter, his friends came to visit him and informed him about Reka and Satoka’s death. Reka and Satoka were killed using the same knife that Rena used to stab Keiichi.

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Higurashi: When They Cry

Previously on Episode 3:

In the last episode, we saw the officer telling Keiichi about the Oyashiro curse. He tells him that it started 4 years back when the Hinamizaw dam project’s construction manager   murder case came into place. The manager was killed by six construction workers. Keiichi recollects and says that he has read about the case earlier.

The officer further tells him that the police managed to catch the 5 murderers, but they never got hold of the main culprit. The officer also reveals that people tend to go missing after every Hinamizwa festival. Moreover, he said that Tomitake and the women in the photo went missing after the Hinamizawa festival.

The officer gives his assurance to Keiichi that he and the police will put all possible efforts to find the duo. But, as of now, they are totally unaware of their whereabouts. The officer then asks for Keiichi‘s help in the investigation as he does not believe in curses.

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Keiichi, for his own reasons, is suspicious about Rena. He feels that she knows something about the Oyashiro curse and all these mysterious murders. When he discusses it with Rika, she thinks that he is just overthinking. She disregards his thoughts and tells him not to worry.

We will soon turn up with newer updates about the show. Till then, stay tuned.


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