High Seas Season 4: What can we expect?


Hola, Binge-watchers! we are back with another Spanish show and we expect that you too are in love with the Spanish shows like us. Today let’s talk about a show which is that rapid in production just like us, as we also try to deliver the information as fast as we can.

Yes! we will talk about High Seas today. This show can increase your dopamine level with its mystery.

High seas is a Spanish Mystery show which was first aired back in May 2019 on Netflix with its first season. since then the show has released 3 seasons of it. The show was produced just for 2 seasons but the hype among fans keeps on increasing the same as Money Heist so they renewed the third season. Do you know what’s more surprising? The filming of season 4 was started even before the initial release of season 4.

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High Seas: Plot details

High Seas revolves around the story of two sisters named Eva and Carolina Villanueva travel across the oceans. The story is set up in the timeline of world war 2 and the two sisters are en route from Spain to Brazil. Suddenly the sisters get into an investigation of mysterious deaths as a woman from nowhere gets board into there boat and say that she was thrown by someone off the ship.

as we move further in series we witness 2 more murders and then a cliffhanger arrives, The father of the 2 girls who were meant to be dead is not only alive but he is a culprit of sending thousands of people to concentration camps too.

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then there comes a virus into play made by a doctor for Nazis and Carolina set sail to Argentina to capture the person behind it.

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High Seas: Can we expect season 4?

According to reports, The filming of season 4 was started even before the release of season 3 but it came to hold as Corona pandemic hit the earth so hard. Season 3 was released just weeks ago on August 7, 2020.

Season 4 was under production but unfortunately, Netflix decided to cancel the series and there are no further details about the show as fans are still in shock as the show was under production and why Netflix decided to cancel the show? or they will recheck there decision?

what do you guys think? Comment below.

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