Higanjima Vampire: A Comedy Spinoff Confirmed! Release Date


The Higanjima Vampire franchise is a major hit moreover, adopted various forms.  It has three manga series, two live-action drama series, and two live-action films.

Kare, Kishijima (He is Kishijima), written by Kōji Matsumoto is a comedy spinoff that will be launched by Kodansha’s Yanmaga Web and Comic Days websites on Monday, 26th October 2020. Tarō Sasebo is drawing the manga.

Higanjima Deluxe came out in Japan in October 2016, was the second-live action film. The Higanjima X anime premiered in October 2016 and ended on March 27 was aired for 12 episodes.

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The anime was very different from others. It expressed an individualistic story in every episode.

It had various important scenes and dialogues from the manga but also had many authentic factors.

Only one member articulated every episode and was replaced every three episodes.

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Higanjima Vampire: Plot Details

Akira Miyamoto had a perfect family and an uncomplaining life. Suddenly his brother went missing and the family starts worrying about Atsushi.

Due to this, there was a loss in the family business, his father became an alcoholic and was clueless about his life.

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Meanwhile Akira like a girl named Yuki, who already had a boyfriend named Ken, who was also Akira’s friend.

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Higanjima Vampire

A girl named Rei Aoyama, who was found unconscious on the front door, had Atsushi’s id card claiming that he is alive.

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She stated that the vampires living on the Higanjima Island have trapped him.


Akira manages to invite his friends to save his brother. The squad reached the island but were not spared by the clutches of the vampires. They captured all of them except Rei.

But Akira and his friends manage to rescue themselves before the vampires could drain their blood.

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Higanjima Vampire

Higanjima Vampire: Ready To Fight

While they were making their way off, the gang met ATSUSHI and tells him that the head of the vampires is Miyabi.

They further decided to train themselves and be strong enough to fight the vampires.

As winning from vampires is the only way to make out from the island alive.

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