Hachi: A Dog’s Tale: Stone Melting Piece Of Art.


American drama film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was dropped, originally originated from a Japanese movie named “Hachikō Monogatari”.

All About Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This masterpiece by Lasse Hallstrom, Richard Gere, Bill Johnson is no more less than a never-ending emotional roller coaster.

A tear-jerker American version of Japanese tale is based on true events, where while commuting one Akita puppy is unleashed.

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Later, encountered by music professor park Wilson played by Richard Gere where both shared an amazing bond and they end up keeping this Akita puppy by the name of Hachikō.

Everyday Hachikō used wait for his master at railway station as he was after some time he was familiar with train timings.

But one day professor didn’t show up which you’ll see in the movie why but as his loyalty and devotion he kept on going daily to the station in biding one’s time

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No matter how hard you try to hold yourself during this movie, it will end you up in tears.

Some interesting facts:

In the last days of Hachikō people were aware about this story and they used to feed him on daily basis.

Today, Shibuya station in japan has this statue of Hachikō waiting for his master to come as a sign of love and respect towards the dog. 

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Stupendous Books of Hachikō

The dog is extremely popular in japan and some of the authors have penned the story of the most loyal dog.

You can also have your hand on these books,

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– Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog by Pamela S. Turner

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– Hachiko Waits by Lesléa Newman

– Hachiko: The True Story of the Royal Dogs of Japan and One Faithful Akita by Julie 


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– Hachiko: A Loyal Dog by Nicole Taylor

– Hachi-Ko: The Samurai Dog by Shizuko O. Koster

– Hachiko: Solving Twenty Mysteries about the Most Famous Dog in Japan by Mayumi Itoh

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Where to watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale?

This 93 minute emotion filled movie is available on two of of the biggest over-the-top platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This tear-jerker is not to be missed…

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