Extraction 2: Thor and Captain America can be a part of the sequel


A novel named “Ciudad” based movie “Extraction” has been directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by the Russo brothers, Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Gitter, Peter Schwern. American action thriller “Extraction” was on the hot chart of 2020 so far, so it’s not at all surprising from the filmmakers to giving it another shot.

Extraction is the biggest movie on Netflix. It will be returning with wits sequel “Extraction 2” which have been confirmed by Joe Russo. Joe Russo has signed to write and is currently in work of writing the action-packed and mystery filled sequel for extraction enthusiasts.  

What Exactly Extraction Was All About?

We can see Chris Hemsworth playing a character of Tyler Rack in the movie.

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where he is a black market Australian mercenary, a guy with heart-wrenching trauma of his son’s death.

He was hired to execute an extraction of a young boy “Ovi Mahajan” played by Rudhraksh Jaiswal.

source- Netflix

Father of ovi Mahajan, Sr. Ovi Mahajan is India’s biggest drug lord acted by Pankaj Tripathi, due to internal conflicts the teen boy was kidnapped by Bangladesh’s biggest drug lord.

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All the time Tyler had Ovi’s back but in the end Tyler ends up dead during execution of this extraction.

Can we expect to see Chris hemsworth as Tyler in Extraction 2 ?

As the return of Tyler is still a mystery because from the writer itself is not confirmed yet.

But fans can expect Chris Hemsworth to return as this movie can be a blast from the past,

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where unexplored subplots of the movie.

Which can be back story of Tyler with his wife and son, also some undiscovered rivalry between two drug lords can be seen.

Captain America and Thor reunion in the sequel?

source- Netflix

As every marvel fan loved on screen chemistry of Chris hemsworth as “Thor” and  Chris Evans as Captain America.

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It can be good news for marvel fans as our own cap has been offered a vital role by Russo Brothers in extraction 2.

fingers crossed as we would love to see both of them in a single frame on screen.

When it will be streaming on Netflix? 

There are no such updates regarding release date as the initial work of the movie has been started and we can expect this movie to be out in late 2021.

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