Download Video Nasty: Seth Rogen Is Producing The Met-Horror Movie!

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Yes you heard it right, Seth Rogen is all set to come back to the horror genre with “video nasty”

The Canadian actor, writer, the producer is known for its comedy and famous television appearance.

Is setting its feet in the production of its very own movie named “video nasty” which tends to be known as UK slang.

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Chris Thomas Devlin’s script will be seen under the production banner of Seth Rogen himself.

Watching comedy stars in horror movies kind of in trend for the last five years.

Moreover, the flavor which comes up with comedy stars in horror is weird, yet people like it.

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video nasty- Seth Rogen- lions gate- horror movie- new horror- horror comedy

Here’s the fun part comes, as we have Seth Rogen something exciting we’ll see and Lionsgate knows this.

What video nasty is all about?

A group of three energetic teens who made a mistake renting a VHS tape results in teleporting the three of them in the past.

Not just in the past but into the 1980’s slasher movie, which is a two-edged sword threatening the trap for life being.

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What does this video nasty stand for?

Video nasty is known to be a British term for meta or horror movies.

mostly low budget and sold by the videocassette.

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Clearly movie’s title is self-explanatory, these teens bought this cassette which leads to all the chaos around.

We’ll encounter if they make it or not and if yes, then what the characters have gone through.

In the movie horror movie franchise “RING” we have seen the concept of cursed tapes.

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However, we can expect some puns and rants on that too, just a wild guess in making.

meta-horror movie’s final cast:-

For the time being, only the movie is announced and no cast reveal has done, but we’ll keep you posted whenever it will be out.




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