Dr. Stone Chapter 173: Air date, Plot, Preview, and More!


Dr. Stone is a trending Japanese manga series that got its first anime adaptation aired in July 2019. The anime was a massive hit and the manga series is also a hot topic now. Here is everything you need to know about Dr. Stone Chapter 173.

Riichiro Inagaki is written the manga series and Boichi has done the illustrations. It was serialized by Weekly Shōnen Jump back in March 2017.

Official airdate for Dr. Stone Chapter 173:

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Dr. Stone has it’s manga chapter releases every Sunday. Chapter 173 will drop on November 8, 2020.

Where to read the upcoming chapter?
We can read the chapters from Viz Media and Manga Pluss apps. It is advisable to read from official sites. Reading from official sites gives a boost to the readership count helping the manga creators.

Glimpse at the plot:

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The anime is set in a time where almost all of the human civilization is destroyed by a mysterious flash. Civilization was almost wiped out when Senkū Ishigam found himself revived from death. Senku is a 16-year-old genius who then sets on a mission to bring back human civilization.

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He figures how he was revived and manages to revive a few friends and a famous martial artist named Tsukasa Shishiō. This happened after months of research which is still continuing.

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To his surprise Tsukasa Shishiō turns a back on him and tries to kill him. Is evil intentions are to take over the world by power. Senku somehow managed to stay alive and continue his research further. Senku progress further and Tsukasa is unaware of this.

He also traces the tribe of people who are living and decides to create his ‘kingdom of science’. It was a challenge initially but then the tribals started to adjust and take a liking to him. Eventually, Senku managed to win their trust.

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Now Senku’s new allies are together against Tsukasa’s clan. After emerging victorious, Senku continues his further research on the revival and mysteries of the world.




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