Dr. Stone Chapter 171: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoilers and More!


Release Date, With the news that the Dr Stone anime will be returning for season 2 in January 2021, fans have never been more excited about the manga. Here is everything you need to know about Dr. Stone Chapter 171

It’s been three years since the story premiered and it has now remarkably become one of the most popular shows in the world.

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In this article, we reveal the release date and time for Dr Stone chapter 171 fans around the world. Moreover, we will also list some predictions going around on the Internet.

Dr. Stone Chapter 171: When will it air?

The official release date for Dr Stone chapter 171 is Sunday, October 25th, 2020 at midnight JST. The chapter title is still unknown. Dr. Stone.s new chapter is generally released every Sunday unless the weekly schedule shifts to Friday release.

Dr.Stone manga is published under Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

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Dr. Stone 171 Raw Scans:

Raw scans for Chapter 171 of the Dr. Stone manga are not presently available. They are expected to be out by October 23. You can read Dr. Stone on Shonen Jump website.

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Chapter 171 Discussions and Predictions

Xeno and Senku will be telling everything they know about petrification. Chances are high that they may find something new that brings them one step closer to the truth behind petrification.

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In this chapter, we may get to see a new foe entering into their life that Senku and his friends will be facing in South America.

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Previously on Episode 170:

After escaping Stanley’s trap, Gen is fearful of the odd that the group will face while being pursued by Stanley to South America in an attempt to retrieve Dr. Xeno. Seeing his point, Ukyo and Suika are also uncertain as to how they will manage to escape them. Looking over their worries, Senku remains sanguine as they continue on downriver.

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On the mainland, Stanley’s group have the Perseus crew march through woods while Nikki protests because they have a truce. Kinro internally wonders over his brother.

Soon he notices Matsukaze healing from his wound while Yuzuriha is still wrorried about him. Matsukaze whispers to Minami and Yuzuriha over something. Soon Homura, Minami, and Yuzuriha all request their team to get tended.

Meanwhile, Stanley and his unit are changing the Perseus to be used in the pursuit, Matsukaze is taken aboard after coming out of injuries during the attack.

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Kinro hopes for the success of Matsukaze. Disregarding his own injuries, Matsukaze gets determined and finds Ginro is hiding behind the prison cage.

Matsukaze thinks if Ginro was spying on the enemy, but later on dismisses as that being the case. As Matsukaze falls down, Ginro hides once again.

In Xeno’s yacht, the crew is wondering over what they will find in South America before Xeno makes a revelation that he is knows about the  Whyman and the signal coming from the moon, which surprises everyone.

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However, Senku gets excited as Xeno hopes that they team up to figure out the course of the personification and they further exchange information.







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