Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers and Everything We Know So Far


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is an upcoming Korean drama of 2020, which will premiere on KBS2 and  Netflix.

This  South Korean television series was scheduled to release on August 2020. However it got delayed as one of the cast member was detected as COVID positive. KBS decided to halt all production work thereafter for people’s safety.
So until KBS announces we don’t have a release date, but we have the plot and the cast details!

We’ll be getting 16 episodes on an hour each filled with romance and comedy. Starring the comeback of two major starts is indeed a long awaited happening for fans.

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The story of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol revolves around our lead couple namely, Gu-Ra-Ra and Seon Woo-Joon. Gu-Ra-Ra is a rather bubbly and full of life woman even after all the hardships she has, majorly debts. She is the kind of woman who is straightforward and openly expresses her feelings. Also she’s a Pianist and wants to keep playing piano even though she has a money crisis. While we have such a jolly female lead the male lead is rather a mysterious rude boy. He works on multiple part-time jobs to earn money and is quite reserved to himself.

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These two seemingly contradicting characters somehow cross paths and end up staying together. While they are spending more time together they get to know more about each other’s hardships. While they stay together, Gu-Ra-ra also finds out there is a lot about Joon that no one knows. Ultimately this makes her more curious to know about this boy who prefers to keep things to him.

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The star cast of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol includes:

  • Go Ara as Goo Ra-ra : Our female lead is being played by a woman of many charms in many Korean dramas. She is known for her splendid acting in numerous bold characters.
  • Lee Jae-wook as Seon Woo-joon: This is Lee Jae-wook’s first main lead role in a Korean drama. Lead or supporting we loved his work in ‘Extraordinary you’ and really sympathized with him too. So yes, our boy is getting his first work and now he’ll probably get the love he deserves.
  • Kim Joo-hun as Cha Eun-seok : Even as a supporting i think his sole existence in a drama makes it more happening. After much love in ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ as a supporting we know how he is in our hearts with whatever role he does. He’s an example of how important and essential the roles of supporting cast is in a Korean drama or any such work.

This is all what we know from the trailers and the three teasers that KBS has shared. As expressed by the actors themselves the script is beautiful in many ways. Not only are we get a heartwarming rom-com but also some great music along with it.

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