DC Movie Flash finally got a release date: Know Everything


Holla, binge-watchers, once again we are back with a speed of Flash. This time we will talk about the movie which has been delayed so many times and thus became just a kind of rumor among fans and DC saw a sudden decrease in fandom. Marvel, the biggest competitor of DC keeps on rising. the so-called 6th lineup of the DC Extended Universe The Flash which is not the 6th now as it didn’t release on time but finally it is coming to theaters announced by Warner Bros.

The Flash, One of the most important characters of DC comics is finally set to get a solo installment in the house of DC comics. As we told before it will be the movie of DC Extended Universe. the previous movies of DC Extended universe are:

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  • Man of steel
  • Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad
  • Wonder Woman
  • Justice League
  • Aquaman
  • Shazam!
  • Birds of Prey

The Flash: Finally the wait is over?

Yes! , The Flash (2022) is coming to theatres on June 3, 2022, announced by Warner Bros. but note down the date as you note down your new year resolutions as Warner Bros. announced the movie back in 2014 and said that Flash is scheduled to released in 2018 but we all know that 2018 hasn’t come yet so is there any guarantee regarding the release date?

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we can expect or I should say hope that this time the movie will be released on the announced date. We all know Corona has become evil to many industries. Also, due to corona, the production of so many movies has come to stop or delayed. We can just cross our fingers and expect that the movie production of this movie is completed.

The Flash: Plot details

there are many DC comics in which there is a reference of Flash, a character with a speed of light who can not be chased and a normal eye-sight can not even detect him. there is an American show flash presented by the CW network. the real plot is confirmed by director Andy Muschietti, it has been stated that the plot changed many times before the final one but it has been said the plot will be related to Time travel. Ezra Miller as Flash will go back in time and will save his mother.

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This movie will have an influence on the Flashpoint story. it has been said that he will save his mom and will wake up with no powers in the time period where there is no justice league is present as it was mentioned in the CW show. according to the Flashpoint storyline, there will be a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, let’s see what will happen. To date we just know it will be related to Time Travel. All others are just theories and comic-based storyline.

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The Flash: Who will be in the cast?

Ezra Miller is performing as Barry Allen

Kiersey Clemons is performing as Iris West

Billy Crudup is performing as Henry Allen

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Ray Fisher is performing as Cyborg

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Gal Gadot is performing as Wonder Woman

Michael Keaton is performing as Batman( not confirmed)

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The Flash: Do we have a trailer?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a trailer for this movie. The flash is under production or the production of this movie is not yet started, we just got the news of the announcement regarding the release date of the movie, The production of many movies is on stop due to corona so we don’t think there is any chance to see the trailer this year. we will add the trailer as soon we get to know about it, till then you can enjoy the CW show “Flash”.

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The Flash: What happened to DCEU? Why The Flash was delayed?

DC comic book fans are waiting for a solo movie based on Flash. We all know what is happening since then. DC saw a sudden drop of fans as The flash just became a rumor or a kind of a joke among fans as it was scheduled to release back in 2018 but unfortunately, the movie didn’t even start it’s filming. the character of Flash is played by many actors. This time DC signed Ezra Miller as Barry Allen for performing the character of Flash. The main reason behind the delayed production and release date of The flash is that Warner Bros already has signed Ezra Miller to appear in the movie Fantastic Beasts part 3. Unfortunately, we are in the year 2020 and there is no technology of making a human clone. so, Ezra Miller could not perform in 2 movies simultaneously. Warner Bros studios want to work on Fantastic Beasts 3 so to maintain the schedule of Fantastic Beasts 3 they have to keep on delaying The flash.

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Fantastic Beasts 3 will start filming in the spring of 2020 and will release on November 12, 2021, in theatres all around the world so the production of The Flash will take place only after Fantastic Beasts part three.

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