Dark Desire 2: What can we expect from the next season?


Dark desire has been one of the most-watched debut seasons of nonenglish show on Netflix.. Which means that season 2 is confirmed. 

After a month of dark desire Netflix officialy gave the announcement of the release of second season. The renewble was also come with teaser of the cast members. 

SEASON 1 was a drama series with thrilling action moments that originates from Mexico. It was released on Netflix on 15th July 2020. 

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Dark desire season was a biggest hit with ranked 6th of the most watched title on Netflix  

Season 1 ended with dramatic climax with a suspense of brenda’s death.  

Dark Desire: What do we expect with the second season? 

Ok so here’s some warning for spoiler alert. 

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The second story reveals the answer to who actually killed Brenda or she commits suicide. Moreover, what will be Dario’s second step after announcing his love. 

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We can also saw alma separating from her husband, on the topic of Dario. What will Dario do with his life?  

In season 2 the old cast will be the same. However, there are more chances of new characters that could join the second season. 

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Where we can watch it? 

Most probably, the show release is in late 2021, because of this pandemic. The shooting is restarted in several areas of Mexico but with restrictions. 

Who is in from the old cast ? 

Maite perroni, Alejandro speitzer, Erik hayser, Jorge poza, Regina pavon and Maria fernanda yepes, these cast are confirmed by the officials. 

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