Connecting: New comedy series will find it’s home on NBC. Know the release date!


Amidst the ongoing tensions amongst the masses due to a huge pandemic that has affected countries and regions and other issues within various countries, comforting news has arrived for the viewers. NBC, the popular television network has passed an order for  ‘Connecting’ for the filming of all it’s eight episodes.

Connecting is a comedy series about a group of friends trying to stay close digitally as they share their stories of ups and downs they have faced/ are facing during these extraordinary times. The conversations go on through video chats which is the current norm for people to stay connected with their dear ones.

Outpost: When will it air?

‘Connecting’ will air it’s premiere on October 1, 2020 (Thursday) on NBC and Peacock as well

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The show will have Martin Gero as he’s a writer and his frequent collaborator, Brendan Gall, as the executive producer of the show. The duo had recently paired up for Netflix’s The Lovebirds. The show has been given a straight-to-series order for eight episodes from Universal Television, a division of NBC Universal Content Studios. Here’s the new poster released by the production:

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‘Connecting’ Star-Cast:

Keith Powell (30 Rock), Jill Knox (Keith Broke a Leg), Shakina  Nayfack (Transparent), Ely Henry (Suburgatory),  Preacher Lawson. (America’s Got Talent), Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced) and Otmara Marrero (Crackle’s Startup) will be cast as regular characters for the NBC comedy series.

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Marrero will play Annie aka Abby, who identifies as female. Her friends describe her as a hermit, who would barely go out no matter there is quarantine or not. Nayfack will portray the role of Ellis, a practical thinker, type-A personality, and a die-hard Clippers fan. Powell and Knox, who are a real-life couple, will also play a real-life husband and wife pair, Garrett and Michelle, who are thriving in quarantine.

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Henry will play Rufus, paranoid and conspiracy minded, he’s more comfortable online than off. Lawson will act as Ben who has just had a break up before the pandemic started and is debating whether to reconcile with her.

Starcast (Connecting)

The fact that makes the comedy series different and unique is that it has been wholly filmed on iPhone 11s that the production had provided to the actors. The production also provided ‘shooting kits’ to the actors. The actors filmed all scenes at their homes while being directed on video calls. Now like other social distancing shows which have been made previously, actors will also be responsible for lighting, wardrobe, and other things associated with shooting and production.

Well, “Connecting’ is not the only social distancing show filmed remotely as there are other shows which have been released in such business. But, the story they come up with and the humor will be interesting to know. What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.

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