CONNECTED: The Mitchells Vs. the Machines!


Connected is one of the most anticipated animated movie in 2020. Connected quite lives up to how it’s Mitchells vs. Machines and why.

Sony Pictures Animation is producing this upcoming animation film which Mike Rianda is directing. Rianda is also the writer for the film along with Jeff Rowe. The movie has released the trailers already and will be dropping in the year.
We’ll be sharing the plot details and the airdate along with the trailer, so keep reading!

Connected: Plot Details

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Connected is a story revolving around Mitchells family and Katie Mitchell. Katie, the eldest of the two siblings finally gets admission to the college of her dreams. She is totally excited to leave for college and get to meet more people like her. But things take a turn but her father, Rick plans for a road trip before she leaves. Rick, a nature-loving person hopes for their children to explore things beyond machines and gadgets.

So eventually Katie’s plans for flying got changed and now her family is driving her off to college. The dad’s plan of making the family bond over the road trip gets miserably interrupted by a new-age tech up-rise in the world. A new era of machine robots arise and decide to take over onto every small life functioning of humans.

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This is when the Mitchells decide to save the world together as a family and also get along with each other. As a consequence of this, they manage to get past their problems and also understand each other better.

The movie focuses on how the dependence on machines is affecting the lives of humans on a broader scale. Humans are being overly immersed into gadgets and machines resulting in the reducing essence of family. The movie also tries to focus on how too much dependence on machines can bring about a catastrophe on our race. It very beautifully brings out the meaning of togetherness in a family.

Star Cast:

  • Abbi Jacobson as Katie Mitchell as Daughter of the Mitchell family and elder to Aaron.
  • Danny McBride as Rick Mitchell as the Father of Katie and Aaron.
  • Maya Rudolph as Linda Mitchell as the Mother of Katie and Aaron and wife of Rick
  • Mike Rianda as Aaron Mitchell as Youngest member of the Mitchells, son to Rick and Linda and Brother of Katie.
  • Eric Andre as Mark Bowman as The scientist who creates the robots that take over the world.
  • Olivia Colman as PAL as a robot creation.
  • Blake Griffin as a sleek robot from PAL Labs


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