Chadwick Boseman; A Tribute For a King


Chadwick Boseman, an american megastar who was famous for his roles in Black panther, Avengers:Infinity war, Marshall, Captain America and many more sensational performances recently died due to colon cancer at the age of 43. The super talented star was  secretly fighting cancer from the year 2016 and passed away surrounded by his wife and family. Chadwick battled this serious disease in secret and didn’t even tell Marvel or Disney about his situation. The actor was hoping that he would surely recover,  he was even preparing himself to lead in the Black Panther sequel, but surely this was not meant to be.

A Tribute For A King: Chadwicl Boseman

Chadwick Boseman: A Tribute for a King, is now available to stream on Disney Plus, which is a 40 minute special tribute. In tribute to the actor, ABC recently stream hosted by Robin Roberts-hosted titled Chadwick Boseman : A tribute for a king and it is now available to stream via Disney plus listed under the Black Panther special features.

    The run time of the show is 42 minutes in which insights and experiences of Boseman’s co-stars are included. Each of them discuss their experience while  working with the late veteran actor and how he impacted their lives. The feature also included an emotional and heartbreaking interview with actor Forest Whitaker who was the co-actor alongside Boseman in the movie Black Panther. 

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Chadwick Boseman: Career Details

The legend got his first role in 2003, in an episode of Third watch, a television show. His initial projects included episodes of the series Law & Order. He continued working as a screenwriter with his script for Deep Azure which was later performed at the Congo Square Theatre Company. The script was nominated for Joseph Jefferson Award, New Work.He returned to the television by playing a role in series Lincon Heights and appeared in his first feature film, The Express. 


Boseman’s aka Black panther’s  fans will surely love this short tributary and will be loaded with emotions after seeing this masterpiece. This tributary will bring back Boseman’s special acts back and the memories that are fresh in every fan’s heart.

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