Call of Duty black ops cold war: Know the recent updates!


Brace yourself gaming freaks as your favorite marshals are back. It’s official now that Call of duty 2020 will see a series return to the black ops storyline. The game will include phenomenal characters Alex Woods, Frank Mason, and Jason Hudson. Call of duty: Black ops cold war is the sixth part of the Call of duty Black ops storyline and the first since 2018.

Where will it release? ?

The craze and the buzz of the most awaited war game is to for a long period of time. It will be available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox one on its initial release. It is also expected to be launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X, soon after its initial arrival. 

Do we have a trailer yet?

Recently, Activision announced the arrival of the cold war with a reveal trailer. It included some astonishing real-life and in-game footage between the years 1968 and 1981. It also invokes espionage thriller vibes, with action-packed CGI scenes and explosive escapades. The scenes of late US President Ronald Regan, as well as redacted clips of former Soviet leaders, were too included which gives the trailer a terrific look altogether.

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When will the Call of Duty latest version be released?

Call of duty Black ops will be released globally on 13 November 2020, for both PC’s as well as current-generation consoles. The date of the beta version released has not been announced yet but it is expected to be launched in the first week of October, which is way prior to the game’s official launch. The game will be soon launched for next generations’ PCs, Xbox and PlayStation too.

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Where to Buy?

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War is available for pre-order on the play store. There are three editions that can be pre-ordered namely, the Standard Edition that costs $ 54 the Cross-Gen Bundle that costs $64, and the Ultimate Edition that costs $ 85. The Microsoft Windows store does not have pre-orders of Call of duty but it is available for PCs. The Ultimate Edition costs $ 90 while the Standard Edition costs $ 60

Image Source: Call of Duty

It is expected that the cold war will provide an exceptional gaming experience altogether and will surely be appreciated and loved by the gaming freaks.

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