Boruto Chapter 52: Naruto’s Death Coming up? Official Release Date Announced


Things are getting interesting! Your opponent might let out a last-ditch effort when you corner him, and that might leave you startled. Naruto, with a lack of other ideas, has come up with a seemingly suicidal plan! The storyline of Boruto Chapter 52 is bringing more excitement with a bunch of twists.

Old plans are making sense. We know that Kishimoto has a role in creating Boruto, which is probably why they came up with a great plot without recalling the original. The Kaguya story has become meaningful, and honestly, the manga has reached its peak.

The upcoming chapter will continue with this fight. When things get too comfortable, the story takes a turn that makes the conditions worse and unbelievable – and that is precisely what happened. Despite the excitement about Naruto’s new form, we must remember that Isshiki’s plan is far worse than imagined, and our heroes are cornered.

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It was already known that Naruto would die in Boruto, but we had never expected it to happen this early. Many signs indicate his death, but fans would not like his absence in the show, and perhaps through some twists, the authors will find a way to keep him in the story.

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The show is already cooking up the highest level of excitement among fans, and several theories and predictions are being circulated on the web. Let’s check out more about the manga below.

Boruto Chapter 52: When will it release?

The Boruto Chapter 52 raw scans will be released around November 15th, 2020. You can find them on the shonenjumpplus website. Boruto has a physical release on V Jump, but its release will parallel with the digital version. Being a digital manga, the English Scan releases on time.

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The official English translations can be accessed from Viz, Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen Jump app. The Boruto manga 52 will be officially released on November 20th, 2020.

Boruto Naruto: What will happen in the next chapter?

Boruto manga spoilers are very hard to collect, and this why sometimes the spoilers get released very late. The second week of November can be the month of the spoiler release for the next chapter of Boruto.

The spoilers will be available once the raw scans get leaked, and the English translations are out.

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Scroll down to check up on some predictions doing rounds on the Internet.

Naruto’s Death Coming up?

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Talking about Naruto’s death expectations, it is inevitable that Naruto will not die in Isshiki’s hand. In the first chapter, we saw that Kawaki did something to Naruto, which makes us confident about Naruto surviving the battle.

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Boruto Chapter 52 will probably be an all-out clash between Isshiki and Naruto. As usual, Sasuke will come to aid. Maybe Sasuke, too, has another tricky card to play.

Will Boruto become food for the Ten-Tails?

We already know that Boruto will survive. Referring to the first chapter, we can assume that Boruto has yet to master his karma power and face Kawaki. He did get beaten up by Isshiki.

Boruto keeps giving us glimpses of his bravery. Indeed a shinobi by spirit – he certainly proves the idiom “Like father like son” right. The scene where Boruto holds the Kunai to his throat; oddly reminds us of how Naruto stabbed his and the Land of Waves arc.

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What is Isshiki’s plan?

Isshiki has gone through a complicated past. His primary concern is to create the Chakra fruit from Earth. But that plan failed. His partner was Kaguya, deceived him. Kaguya came to Earth, and we know the rest.

Meanwhile, Isshiki planned to use Jigen to feed the Ten-Tails and create the Tree. Disrupting her plans, Jigen failed. Luckily, Isshiki found Boruto, and now, he has the perfect offering for the Ten-Tails. He also needs to return, so he is after Kawaki. After this fight, Isshiki will find Kawaki and implant the Karma in him.

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Rest assured, Isshiki will live on. Boruto Chapter 52 spoilers will also show how desperately he wants to gain the victory and plant his Karma in Kawaki – we might get to see an emotional breakdown.

What is Amado’s next move?


Amado is a man of wit and tricks. It is hard to believe that he doesn’t have a rigid motive. In the previous chapter, Amado got under Kawaki’s skin by bestowing him with taunts about the Karma. That taunt might be more than what seems like.

Is Amado a follower of Isshiki? This is just a theory going around, but you never know. What if it was none other than Amado who swerved Kawaki and make the kid backstab Konoha? Or maybe he plans to kidnap Kawaki and take him to Isshiki? In each of the ways, Kawaki will end up with the Karma.

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The upcoming chapter will bring a bunch of excitement, twists, and a lot of thrill. For more updates, stay tuned. Also, do tell us your theories about the upcoming story.





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