Black Widow Power over Hulk explained!

Black Widow's Power over Hulk explained!

The bond between Hulk and Black Widow is the most loving bond and a couple in Marvel Cinematic Universe. but there are more couples in MCU like Tony and pepper, Clark and Lana, Steve and Kate, vision and Wanda, thor and Jane, but what makes them the most idol couple?

The sun’s getting real low” is all Natasha had to say in the movies to calm Hulk down.

Black Widow: Hulk is immune to Thor and Stark’s lullaby

This lullaby is sung by Natasha to calm down hulk after missions so that he won’t hulk smash the innocent one’s, but this lullaby was also used by thor in Ragnarok but it doesn’t affect on the Hulk, this lullaby was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron which shows that not only Natasha but our small banner inside that passive hulk also feels for her, this way he calms down, Natasha would slowly approach the Hulk and gently touch his hand, saying “the sun’s getting real low”.

Hulk calms down and converts him into a banner, but later used by stark or thor but it makes hulk more aggressive it clearly shows that only Natasha has this possession of controlling and converting hulk into a banner.

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Thor tries his best to use it to calm Hulk down during their fight but he is slammed around. Thor tries again later when Bruce starts having a panic attack, repeatedly saying “the sun’s getting low,” but all it does is stress Bruce even more. It seems that only Natasha has the magic touch in the MCU, but the same can’t be said for her comics.

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Much like it is used as a hilarious way in thor Ragnarok so it doesn’t affect hulk but is it true that only Natasha can calm down him? Because we haven’t seen anyone singing this lullaby so gently and softly like Natasha so for sure only she can handle her until some good bathroom singer joins Avengers.

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