Black Clover Episode 150: Release Date, Plot, Preview, Spoilers, and More


Black Clover has become one of the most popular and anticipated anime of recent times ever since it premiered in October 2017. With a bunch of fun characters, mind-blowing fight sequences, and charismatic storylines, it has gathered fans from all over the world. It is difficult for fans to hold their excitement for Black Clover Episode 150.


Black Clover is a story of a world of magic where it’s a basic for common people and their lives. The story focuses on Asta and Yuno. They are foes, friends, and also adopted brothers. Asta, has not got magical powers while Yuno is blessed with mana since birth. The story revolves around their journey of becoming the Wizard King.

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When will Black Clover Episode 150 release?

Black Clover Episode 150 will be released on November 3, 2020, and has fans waiting in various parts of the world. In the same way, the makers have been releasing the episodes earlier, this episode will also air at 6:25 PM JST on Tuesday.

In Episode 150, we will see Asta embark his training with the Spirit Guardians.

Crunchyroll Premium users will get to watch Episode 150 on November 3 while it will be released on November 10 for free users. The English dubbed version can be found in Funimation.

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Episode 149: Synopsis

In Episode 149, we see Secre remember a magic tool that Lumiere designed. This tool can increase magic particularly for people who lack in magic abilities, which will cause an end to the discrimination that led to the creation of the Believers.

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Asta and the others are all ready to begin their training with the Spirit Guardians. While the BB squad had a meet-up with the Wizard King Julius, Marx comes there and Queen Lorophechika of the Heart Kingdom had a message for them.

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The connection starts breaking while talking to the Queen and the Queen seems to be collapsing. The  BB squad gets worried and decide to go meet her face-to-face. Final pens up a gate and the squad reaches the Heart Kingdom.

Julius asks Secre to stay behind and she sticks to the command. They discover that the Queen is alright and fainted due to indigestion. Yami decides to return home while the others stay back.

Despite knowing that Asta is a no-magic, she doesn’t discriminate and treats them equally. She ensures that he will get trained and become stronger too. She apologizes for the delay in preparation but makes sure that the Spirit Guardians need to prepare as much as possible for Asta and Secre together.

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Meanwhile, Julius and Secre walk through a library full of Secre’s memories. Here Julius shows Secre Lumiere’s designs for the magic tool. The tool will end all the injustice and ensure that no-magic and magic people live peacefully and unitedly. Julius tells her that he has already moved his steps to start creating it. Secre is satisfied that Lumiere’s dreams have lived through the Wizard King.

Later, Asta dials up Secre and tells her to be all set. Their training with the spirit guardians will start soon.

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