Big Little Lies Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and More


Season 2 of big little lies was wrapped up in July 2019 and Big Little Lies Season 3 is not officially confirmed yet.

The last instalment though faced a couple of challenges followings its return to the small screen.

There were rumours that Andrea Arnold, who also directed American Honey and won an Academy Award back in 2005, who also had taken over from Jean-Marc Vallée as director of the series has lost visionary check of the series.

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But HBO later refused all such claims and stated that there would be no season 2 without Arnold.

They also stated that they are proud of her work and the final product speaks for itself.

Casey Bloys, HBO’s president of programming also claimed that “We’re indebted to her, she did a beautiful job, and she got extraordinary performances.

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Now enough of the gossip stories lets come to the point,

Is Season 3 Happening?

Season 1 was launched in February 2017 and the second season in July 2019. Despite all the praises for Arnold, there was an astounding response from the critics that season 2 was not as strong and powerful as compared to the first one.

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However, this didn’t stop the show from gaining high ratings. 1.98 million viewers watched the finale during the initial airing.

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Moreover, there have been various rumours that getting the cast back together can be a serious challenge for the producers of big little lies.

There are some ideas for season 3, but the team will not do it without all of the same people involved in the show.

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We expect all of them to return for season 3

Source: HBO
  • Madeline (Reese Witherspoon)
  • Celeste (Nicole Kidman)
  • Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz)
  • Jane (Shailene Woodley)
  • Renata (Laura Dern)
  • Ed (Adam Scott)
  • Nathan (James Tupper)
  • Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling)
  • Abigail (Kathryn Newton)
  • Ziggy (Iain Armitage)
  • Chloe (Darby Camp)
  • Josh (Cameron Crovetti)
  • Max (Nicholas Crovetti)
  • Skye (Chloe Coleman)
  • Amabella (Ivy George)

If we think of who else could come back, there’s a chance that Robin Weigert and Douglas Smith can play the role of therapist Dr Amanda Reisman could return as Corey.

What can we expect from the next season?

Source: HBO

The various updates regarding season 3 left us with no new source material for you all.

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At the end of season 2, we assume that Bonnie will confess to intentionally pushing Perry down the stairs as they all entered the police station.

However, we now have to look forward to whether we will see her confession on the camera, or there will be a time jump.

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