Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and Robert Pattinson are supposed to play the character Bruce Wayne/Batman in different movies between 2021 and 2022.

Ben Affleck(Left) and Michael Keaton(right)
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Many popular characters overtime were/are being held upon by different actors which is most likely to happen this time too. There may end up being three different stars playing Batman over the next two years. In addition to Keaton starring in The Flash movie, Affleck will return as Bruce Wayne in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. And Pattinson will don the cape and cowl for The Bat man.

Ben Affleck In Justice League & The Flash

Him officially returning back to the DC family in direction of Zack Synder, Affleck will initially return to the Batman/Bruce Wayne role when Snyder’s cut of Justice League streams on HBO Max in 2021. Batman will be far more idealistic here than he was in ‘Batman V Superman’ film. His faith in humanity having been restored by Superman’s selfless sacrifice.

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Past statements about being firmly retired from playing the Dark Knight, Affleck is now set to return for The Flash movie, reuniting Barry Allen with his burgeoning mentor Bruce Wayne. With Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton films already looking to be part of The Flash. Tthat means director Andy Muschietti’s film will play host to two different versions of the iconic hero, and hopefully, they’ll somehow get to interact onscreen.

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Robert Pattinson In The Batman

Under the direction of Matt Reeves, The Batman is scheduled to open in October 2021. It is supposed to serve as a soft reboot of the DCEU continuity and introduce a younger version of Bruce Wayne (played by Pattinson), along with a different take on Commission Gordon.

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With the DCEU now focusing more on standalone movies, Reeves’ film isn’t expected to have too many ties to the rest of the franchise. Beyond recasting Gordon and Bruce Wayne, it shouldn’t really contradict the previous entries in any major ways either, what with it being (in theory) set well before the events of Bat man V Superman and Justice League. Hopefully, this will give Reeves the freedom. He needs to explore his own crime drama narrative and truly leave his mark on the Caped Crusader.

Michael Keaton In The Flash

Under the direction of Andy Muschietti, The Flash, as mentioned earlier, will reportedly adapt the Flashpoint storyline. Keaton’s version of Bruce Wayne in real-time after the events of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. Revealing what he’s been up to over the years and ignoring the events of the Keaton-less sequels Batman Forever and Bat man & Robin.

Michael Keaton
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Therefore, following the Keaton’s deep history with the character Batman, he might come out as the best first person to play a truly old live-action iteration of Bruce Wayne on the big screen (in the vein of Batman Beyond).

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