Baby Season 3: Italic erotic series is dropping its final season

Baby season 3

Netflix’s teen drama series ‘Baby’ will be soon dropping its third season. Last November, Netflix announced that its Italian drama “Baby” had been renewed for a third and final season. Baby was first released on Netflix in 2018 and the series got an amazing reception from viewers. The fiction is based on the real-life Baby Squillo case which revolves around a child sex ring. Here is everything you need to know about Baby Season 3

Who will be starring in the series ?

 The two leads of Baby Season 3 include Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani portraying their respective roles of Chiara Altieri and Ludovica Storti.

The central characters of the blockbuster include R.Mandolini as Damiano Younes, Chabeli Sastre will be seen as Camilla, Brando Pacitto will play Fabio, son of the principal of their school, Lorenzo Zurzolo will be playing the exciting character of Niccolo, and Paolo Calabresi as Saverio.

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The cast seems to be interesting and exciting which will surely entertain its fans who are waiting for this last season of the series from a long period of time.

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What is it all about?

The fiction revolves around the wealthy European teens getting into trouble due to their lifestyles. The protagonists of the fiction are two Italian girls named Chiara and Ludovica, from a Roman high school, getting seduced into pursuing prostitution. Prostitution is legal in Italy but it still a crime to pay under-18 individuals to have sexual intercourse.

The trouble starts when both these under eighteen girls enter the sex trade despite knowing the laws in their country. Ludovica is not forced into prostitution but is rather drawn towards it. Chiara is compelled to choose this field because of her parents’ failed marriage.

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Baby Season 3: When will it air?

Netflix has confirmed that the third and final season of Netflix’s “Baby” will arrive on Wednesday, September 16. The fans seem to be very excited for this sizzling season of fiction. Do have a look at the exciting trailer below:

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