Attack On Titan: Will Eren Live For Just Another 13 Years Due To Curse Of Ymir?


An untiring character, who has been the most persistent in ATTACK ON TITAN, Erwin Smith.

Though he is a mosaic character but his qualities to lead his surrounding is indecipherable. He is one of the most heroic and tough characters on the show.

He is the most inspirational character of the series.

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Though Erwin might have proposed his farewell his operations and choices have always made an influence on the plot of anime.

Here is everything you might not know about this character-

A single person voiced the character of ERWIN SMITH and SEBASTIAN.

If one has noticed the character of Erwin and Sebastian from Black Butler looks identical.

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It is the voice that binds both the character, but it is the experience of J.

Michael Tatum to mold his voice in different ways and give each character a different look and personality,

as here one character is fierce and vicious while the other one is gentle and humane.

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Erwin Smith’s character is inspired by Ozymandias.

It looks like Hajime Isayama, author and illustrator of ATTACK ON TITAN, is a huge follower of Watchmen as Erwin’s character.

more or less reflects the prominent character of Watchmen, Ozymandias.

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Alike Ozymandias, Erwin has drafted in a way to make his decisions on his set of rules and beliefs.

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Erwin Smith was the first commander to take over even though his predecessor was alive

The empire is handed over to the commander only after the predecessor is dead but Shadis resigned from his position and gave his power

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after understanding his false moves and a slow decision-making process.

Therefore, here the scenario is a lot different as Erwin was the first commander to rule while his predecessor was still alive.

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The character also owns an anthem

ATTACK ON TITAN is not only known for the wonderful plot and marvelous characters but also for the wide variety of songs.

The song “Hope of Mankind,”

sung by Daisuke Ono is dedicated to Erwin Smith including the other eight characters as well.

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 eren’s life span is ticked on one simple thing,

Does possessing multiple Titan powers to extend one’s life beyond 13 years?

if yes then he has some business to do for a long time.

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Eyebrow”- A perfect name for Erwin’s childhood

There is no doubt that Erwin has the best pair of eyebrows in the ATTACK ON TITAN. His completely carved eyebrows make his character more intense and hunky. There he got a nickname that he deserves.

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