Arnold Schwarzenegger says “I’ll be back”


Erstwhile Governor of California and former Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, all set to step his shoe into his first utmost scripted television show.

What we can expect?

As already after his iconic role of T-800 in Terminator movies and he is one of the finest in the action genre, we can expect him to show us rip-roaring side of “Schwarzenegger”

The show is a global spy adventure, where the story runs around a daughter-father relationship.

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As we haven’t our “THE GOVERNATOR” in small screens, except a guest appearance in one of the most liked American sitcom Two and a Half Men in around 2015.

As our expectation, it may turn out to be a massive banger from their side

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pioneer of the golden era in the fitness industry 

Arnold Schwarzenegger a legendary bodybuilder, crowned as  the greatest of all time.

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7x Joe Wieder’s “Mr. Olympia” and the youngest to bag “Mr. Universe” at the age of 20.

Being one of the pioneers of golden era of bodybuilding he had done ample amount of deeds for the fraternity.

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About The Show And Relations Of Arnold with Skydance Television :

source- Men’s Health

This hour long web series will be out with Skydance television, it hails from their executive and developing producer “Nick Santora”.

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Nick will be also serving the same meal in the plate of amazon prime as their developer and executive of series”Jack Reacher” 

Being a successful businessman with extensive knowledge of marketing, Arnold Schwarzenegger will also act as an executive producer. 

There will be other names in production from skydance like :-

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Dana Goldberg, David Ellison, Bill Bost.

The star share some long in tooth connections with Skydance Television, back from and Dark Fate (2019) and Terminator (2015).

Auditions for the role of daughter are still on the run, name of the show will be out soon.

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