All the web series releasing in September 2020


Here are all the web series releasing on Netflix. Have a look.

Young Wallander

According to the Young Wallander, every case leaves its mark. Netflix series Young Wallander is all set to thrill you with their amazing stories and cases, this series is based on the best selling Kurt Wallander novel by Henning Mankell. This series revolves around the story of a Swedish crime detective with amazingly unexpected twists.

There will be no jumping back in time like the novel but rather we’ll look a younger version of Wallander into a present-day in Sweden.

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Young Wallander will be aired on Netflix on 3rd September 2020. The first role of the younger version of Kurt Wallander will be acted by Adam Palsson and Kenneth Branagh in the BBC version.


The story shows the scenario of the increasing violence in the environment of the present in Sweden and how detective solves these mind-blowing cases.

The story makes a tragic turn after our detective was failed to save the life of a teenager from horrifying attacks after then Wallander battle with his guilt. Scenes focus on the immature actions of Wallander.

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So young Wallander is the beginning, but to a story that doesn’t end well since We’ve known that Wallander will be aired with tragedy the agony of their separation causes them both.

And if nothing changes we’ve got an amazing and refreshing version of Wallander who kicked himself where this young immature emphatic young man finds himself in this cruel world. Netflix officials have released the thrilling trailer of this series.

Away season 1

An amazing sci-fi show is on their way to entertain you, this September 2020,

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Away is upcoming Netflix original series directed by Andrew Hinderaker and produced by UNIVERSAL Television.

Netflix has confirmed that it will release on Friday, the 4th of September, 2020.

It contains ten episodes with an overall 45 to 60 mins running time each episode.

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An astronaut of the United States, Emma green, initiates for a year on mars for a mission with an international space team, leaving her family alone, but after then she knows the mission was double-dealing with unmatched risks and theirs no coming back.

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The Duchess

Netflix is all set to release their new comic series of all the time, Netflix recently drops a trailer.

The duchess will available on Netflix on Friday 11th September. It’s a story based on single mother Katherine Ryan who is very weak in her fashion sense and her daughter, now there’s a critical turn in this story as our Katherine is involved in a commitment with her boyfriend who now wants another level of their relationship.

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The trailer for the duchess was released on 17th August. A single mother who is stuck between her daughter and her new boyfriend while exploring new possibilities of having another child, I know it sounds crazy but you should watch it once.

Cast of duchess

Katherine Ryan as Katherine

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Kate Bryan as olive

Steen raskopoulos as boyfriend

Rory Keenan as Ex

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Michelle de swarte as friend

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World: camp Cretaceous is an animated series which is produced by Steven Spielberg and frank marshall.

This series contains total eight episodes from universal pictures, this is combine mixture of adventure and thriller, in which six teenagers chose an adventure of Jurassic park the campers are unable to reach to there family and friends as they band together to survive the extreme park.

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