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Viewers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapter of Pokemon 2019. The series is a big hit amongst anime lovers. The upcoming episode 43 is all set to hit the screens soon. For more updates regarding your beloved series, scroll down.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 43 Release Date:

Episode 43 of the Pokemon 2019 anime is all set to release on Friday, Oct 30, 2020. The episode will be titled “Sword and Shield II, “The Black Night.”


The Japanese anime used to air new episodes on Sundays earlier. On September 13, 2020, it was announced that anime would switch to airing on Fridays, October 9, 2020.

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Since then, new episodes are regularly released on Fridays. Expectedly, the next episode will, too, follow the schedule with no delay.

Episode 43 Preview:


Go, and Sonia travel to Turf Town to investigate the ruins that may unravel something that makes them closer to the secret of Datamax. Go finds out that Wishing Stars and Galar Particles are Daimax’s secrets.

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Satoshi and Dande carry on their battle with Daimax Pokemon.

However, Chairman Rose, who knows more about the agitating Pokemon, is adamant about keeping it happening for his own purposes and manipulating Satoshi into his machinations.

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Meanwhile, Professor Magnolia warns that Chairman Rose will never take a break to achieve his goals.

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Episode 42 Recap:

During an experiment at Macro Cosmos, a lot of entropy increased, and energy released through hangar and light, we see during Daimax, emerged from the core. The light spread all around the Galar Region, making Pokemon go on a riot against their will.

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Satoshi and take a train to Brassie to solve the mystery of Datamax. Due to bad weather conditions, the train suddenly stops. Satoshi and pursue Horubee into the forest and get separated.

They both come across a new Pokemon species, which was behind the sudden display of heavy mist, but fell asleep.

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Satoshi finds a violent Daimax Pokemon in a nearby town and tries to stop it. Dande comes to his help and aids him in stopping other rampaging Pokemon.

Where to Watch Pokemon 2019

Fans can watch Pokemon on Amazon and Hulu.

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