Katy Keene Season 2: Why is Riverdale’s spinoff cancelled?


Katy Keene Season dropped!!

About Katy Keene

KATTY KEENE is the latest TV sensation to join the world of Riverdale. Now the latest series is accessible in the US and UK, the series’s co-creator has babbled the one change he craves he could fabricate to the first season.

The Katty Keene’s first season was premiered on February 6, 2020. Though the musical fiction was not well acknowledged by the viewers and was not a huge victory. The CW has decided to cancel “Katy Keene” the freshman drama the Lucy Hale-led spinoff “Riverdale” just after one season though they already gave the glimpse of its 5th season.

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With fans run through the fresh fashionista’s New York adventure, co-creator Michael Grassi has avowed there was one thing on his enumeration that didn’t make the final cut.

Valorous, cheery and armed with flawless fashion sense, Katy Keene (played by Lucy Hale) is the latest young heroine to weld the world of Riverdale.

First introduced in a secretive crossover in the popular CW series’ latest season, the series travers the up-and-coming designers new life in the Big Apple.

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Woefully, the series was dropped by the CW after just one season after Katy Keene aired from February-May 2020 in the United States.

The production house is Berlanti productions (greg berlanti) linked with Archie comics , Warner Bros and CBS television studios. Not only the show was disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic but also Katy Keene did not drew much stardom in comparision with Batwoman and Nancy. Astonishingly CW’s only cancellation this year is Katy Keene.

While Lucy Hale recorded an instagram video showing her gloomy emotions towards cancellation of this show by saying “We have not renewed for a second season these things happen it has happened to me several times,and each time it happens its is very sad”, the views of season 1 reached an average of 480,000 with a 0.12 ratings As far as we know by the reports Warner will try to sell ths show to another broadcaster but in course of time we will get to know if this show will get a new channel to be broadcasted on.

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